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    Intel HD 4000 VGA Output Problem

    Cihan Egilmez

      Hello there,


      I recently bought a Sony Vaio SVS1312S9EB to my boss. It has Windows 8 on it and it includes both Intel HD 4000and Nvidia GeForce GT640M as graphic unit. As far as i understand, it uses vga output with Intel HD 4000 and HDMI with GeForce...


      What my problem is;


      When I connect my laptop to a monitor through VGA, I can't change the resolution, which is 1024x768. The monitor is shown as "Generic Non-PnP Monitor" and no matter how i use or what I do, I can't change the resolution.


      I disabled Intel graphics and I couldn't use my VGA output. I tried to use it with default Windows 8 drivers, still no solution...


      I didn't try HDMI output since I don't have any compatible monitor but my boss' old Sony had only Intel HD 3000 wtihin it and he could use the monitor through VGA output on 1920 x 1080 settings.


      Monitor doesn't have any driver CD because it really is a generic PnP monitor (brand is unknown because it came with a local brand and they possibly traded that monitor from China).


      So, any clues ?