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    FPS oscillating a lot in all games - Intel HD 3000

    André Marzano

      Hi, I have a problem. I bought a dell notebook recently (inspiron n4050) and it have an intel hd 3000 gpu. I've noted that when i'm playing games the fps oscillates a lot, like it's 60 fps, then it reduces for 30, stays in 30 fps for like 2 seconds, then return to 60 fps. This frame drop repeats every 5~6 seconds.

      This is very strange, so I'd like to know if it's normal.


      Things that I already tried:

      Installed the latest Intel Hd graphics driver from intel website

      Installed the latest intel hd graphics driver from manufacturer's site (dell)

      Tried to lower every settings in my games


      Happens to every 3d game, not only in a specific one.


      * This oscillation happens even if I'm staring at a wall or staring at the floor in a game, wich means that the ammount of objects in the screen doesn't interfere.


      My specs:


      Windows 7 Ultimate, 4gb RAM, i5 2450m, intel hd 3000.