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    red pixels  + blinks

    foad rezek

      Hi There ,

      I am having an annoying red dots and a blinking screen .

      I had a 27" monitor bought it with the PC , connect it to the PC to install the OS , then connected another 23" monitor .... last week I got red dots on my 23" screen , thought it was the screen .. replaced it with the 27" one and I still get the red dots .


      I updated my BIOS to the latest version on the web (0060)  didn't fix it , also tried to remove one of the 2 memory slots but also nothing worked , re installed the windows OS also didnt help .... HELLLLLPPPPP


      Specs :

      DZ77RE-75K MO. BO.


      2x4GB corsair vengeance

      180 intel SSD

      1 TB WD HD


      thanks !

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          Hi foad,


          Red dots on the screen can be a couple different issues; burnt out pixels, failing GPU (in this case the i7-3770k), bad motherboard, etc.


          Can you provide me a copy of your dxdiag for review?  (Start -> Run -> dxdiag -> Save All information).


          Thank you,


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            foad rezek

            Now My screens doesn not show almost at all ( 2-3 secs / minute ) , can I give to you the file in safe mode ?

            and thanks in advance !

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              Just copy and paste the text here!


              I will say though, if this issue is getting progressively worse, it definitely sounds like a bad hardware problem.  If you can, try using a different cable and see if that fixes anything.




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                foad rezek

                OK let me clear some points :

                Built the PC less than 2 moths ago , bought also new cable and new 27" screen . when I installed OS I used that screen , used it another day , then replaced it with another one , the MOBO has only HDMI output ,  the first screen had HMDI input  , the 2nd had DVI so connected with HDMI TO DVI cable for about 5 weeks or so ,,,

                dont know what happened ( drivers updated or HW issue ) but I start getting red dots on the screen and mere flicker , thought it was the screen cuz the PC was too new ... so I sent the screen to the lab to fix it ( seems it was good screen ! ) and connected the 1st same screen I installed the OS with with HDMI CABLE ...

                and I started to get more flickering and blinking and the same red dots ...

                changed cable , didnt help , connected the screen to another PCs works fine on the ( with the same cable ) ...

                in safe mode I can log in without much flickering ... so uninstalled the graphics driver ... the problem was still there ,,, installed many different versions of the graphics drivers and when I boot into normal mode I get almsot no screen now ...


                so I am having trouble posting the thing you asked in normal mode :s

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                  foad rezek

                  Dont ask me How I managed to get the file out of the blank screen ... but here it is :




                  here is another log when I deleted the graphic driver driver


                  it detects a VGA graphics somehow ...




                  waiting for your reply !



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                    Thanks for the information.  It looks like you're using an out-of-date and/or default driver.  Go ahead and install this one; http://downloadcenter.intel.com/Detail_Desc.aspx?agr=Y&DwnldID=22083&lang=eng&OSVersion=Windows%207%20(64-bit)*&DownloadType=Drivers


                    Let me know if there is any improvement.  Though it still sounds a lot like a failing hardware issue; do you have another processor and/or motherboard you could swap out and see if you still get the red dots?




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                      foad rezek

                      The driver didnt do any better ..

                      The annoying thing is that the PC is less than 2 months old ...

                      I bought it from intel USA , and I live in Israel ... so now I will have so many troubles to replace parts if you are saying it is hardware issue .. :s