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    D945GCLF2 motherboard and stripes on the screen


      Hi guys, I have this motherboard  almost half a year and I'm experiencing some problems when I'm starting my computer, every time when starting it shows stripes in left and right corner of the screen, first few minutes I get also stripes in the center of the screen.The stripes disepear afther 2-5 minutes and I get a clean picture, even if I restart computer few times after 30 minutes of working of more I get no stripes anymore on my screen, but some tiny oscilations in picture and letters stays. I'm using a Asus Spresso barebone case with its original 230W powersupply.Any solution for this irritating problem? Thanks in advance.

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          Hello Bojan -


          I have not heard of this particular issue, so let's go over the basics.


          Be sure you have the latest BIOS update for your board.  Since you've had this system for a while, it is likely using the latest graphics driver.  However, you should verify your system is using the Intel® Graphics Media Accelerator Driver version


          Are you using VGA or S-Video for your monitor/TV?  Have you verified this is not a monitor issue by using a different monitor for troubleshooting?


          The additional information may help us troubleshoot the issue.


          Casey H.
          Intel Customer Support
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            Dear Mr. Casey H.


            I read your message and in the meantime I think I know  what cause the problem, there was nothig wrong with drivers or monitor connections, it looks that the problem lies in the Compact 2 Port KVM Switch + Audio (PS/2) from Sweex. All this time I had two computers conected troughout KVM Switch having no idea that the Vga cabels have in the second line one pin less than the standard  monitor Vga cable, on my Asus S-presso berbone (the first computer) I had no such problems, probably because its Pentium 4 3.06GHz (478 motherboard), but the second computer with  Intel D945GCLF2 motherboard got disturbances wel, even when I would click two times on the intel graphic icon in the tray I would get stripes over the screen, some icompatibility perheaps. I hope that the problem is resolved now.I would like to thank you for your quick reaction on my question and for your time, that's what I call good service!


            P.S. Sorry for my bad english, I don't use it much.



            Bojan R.