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    "The Operation Failed."


      I have installed an Intel 520 series 240GB SSD.

      It is recognized by my computer, and I have installed the Intel Data migration Software.


      I choose to "Start Now", it says processing..., then the "clone your disk with one click" screen shows up. I hit "clone now". It says processing, then the "Operation progress" screen shows up. And then disappears with error message "The operation failed".


      I also tried using the wizard to clone the disk "as is" rather than automatically shrinking it, and the same error occurred.


      I am running a Dell Studio XPS system

      Intel Core i7


      windows 7

      lots of ram...



      Any help would be appreciate.


      More info:

      I have less data on my C: drive than is available on the Intel SSD.

      Dell has automatically partitioned a portion of the C drive for windows booting purposes.


      More info:

      Tried "Running as administrator" the software, still didn't work.

      Have a customer ticket in with intel.