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    i5-3570 stock fan has "ticking" noise


      Just did a new build with a boxed i5-3570 and genuine Intel HS/Fan of course.  Noticed the fan has a rather distinct "ticking" sound which is annoying the end user as it can be heard when their work area is quiet (and no, there is nothing touching or interfering with the blades).


      Are they all like this, or is it going to be hit and miss?

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          Hello sunsanvil,


          We have not received reports regarding having a known issue on stock cooling solutions. If no foreign objects are obstructing the system’s airflow and no grounding conflicts are being presented (if the cooling solution is less than 30 days old), you may send it back for replacement through your place of purchase.


          You can also feel free contacting your local support group during business hours for warranty assistance: http://www.intel.com/p/en_US/support/contactsupport

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            Lance B

            It has to be something hitting the fan. I had the same exact sound after my build, and after I looked at the heatsink closely, I noticed that the fan was indeed hitting the heatsink wire (just barely). If it's not the heatsink making the noise, check the other fans in the case to make sure something didn't come loose and is now obstructing the fans.

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              100% certain there is nothing touching or obstructing the fan.  This sound is something I've run into before with certain make/models of fans, but never from the genuine Intel HS fans.


              I'm going to put in for an RMA on the fansink and see if the replacement is any different, though it pains me to have to remove the entire assembly to swap them (because the fan and retention frame are one in the same now). I preferred the older designs where the fan could be taken off of the heat sink proper while leaving the heat sink in place...