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    Intel 330 180GB SSD not recognized

    Walt Kirspel

      Just installed an Intel 330 180GB SSD on my Dell Dimension XPS 8300 running Windows 8.


      I see the drive in the BIOS. I see the drive under Hard Drives in the Device Manager.


      I do not see the drive under File Manager. I do not see the drive under Disk Management. When I try to run Migration Manager I get an error that says something about a Error Utility. But I am not sure where to find that Utility.


      Any ideas?

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          Richard Martin

          I am having the same problem with my 330 series 120 GB SSD.  Just installed it and mine also appears on the Bios and the Device Manager but not under the list of drives under My Computer.  I am also running Windows 8.


          The Intel SSD Toolbox says


          "The Intel SSD Toolbox cannot communicate with the selected Intel SSD.

          Consider changing to another storage driver compatible with your system and try the tool again."


          Any idea what driver and where to find?


          Sorry, not trying to hijack your thread, but it sounds like we have the identical problem.

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            Walt Kirspel

            Solved my problem.


            I do not believe it shows under File Manager (ie. My Computer) until it is formatted, partitioned and loaded with data. So until the Data Migration utility runs I don't think it appears.


            My original hard drive, that I was keeping, was 2TB. I had partitioned it down to a C: partition of about 80gb with the OS and executables and two other partitions (L: and M:) of about 870gb each for data. However the two other partitions only had about 300gb.


            Apparently the Data Migration utility only clones a disk to the SSD. You can not clone a partition. In other words I wanted to clone C: and hoped that it would ignore the L: and M: partitions. It would not. It insisted on trying to migrate the 80gb on C: and the 300gbs of L: and M:. The total data on the physical drive. Obviously that would not fit in 160gb of the SSD.


            So what I did was this. Copy all of the 300gb of L: and M: out on to an external hard drive I had. Then I erased L: and M:. And deleted the partitions. So all that was remaining on the physical drive was the 80gb of C:. Reran the Data Migration Utility. It worked.


            Then I repartitioned the 2 870gb partitions of L: and M: back onto the hard drive. Left the original C: there (renamed obviously). And use that to backup the SSD.


            All works well now.


            Might suggest you try going into Support online Chat. I talked to them. They actually pointed me to the EaseUS cloning utility. It is free. And they say less picky than the Intel Data Migration utility. However I was able to get it working with the Intel software.


            Good luck! Doesn't seem to be much traffic here in regards to help.

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              Richard Martin

              That's good news, thanks for the advice.  It doesn't appear I was going to get any other help on this forum!


              I have a 1tb hard drive (my system drive) that is starting to fail and I want to replace it with a 2tb.  At the same time I wanted to upgrade to a SSD, since prices have been getting more reasonable these days.  I have about 400+ gb total on that drive, so I will have to copy it over to the 2tb first.  The system is located on a 300 gb partition, but the data is only about 60 gb.  I will try what you did and see what happens.


              Thanks so much for replying.



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                Walt Kirspel

                I would suggest moving all your non-OS/executable data off the 1tb onto the new 2tb.


                Then bring the size of the system partition down to 100gb. Leave the remainder of the 1tb unallocated/free. You can do this is disk management.


                Then run the Data Migration utility again.


                If it works, then you can increase the size of the partition on the SSD to whatever you want. Partition the 2tb as you like.


                If you are as lucky as I was this might work.


                And if it works you can then move all the library shortcuts (documents, videos, pictures etc.) so they point to whatever drive (ssd or hard drive) you like. I kept documents on my ssd. Moved videos and pictures onto the hard drive.

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                  Richard Martin

                  Well, I finally got everything working properly.  I now have a new 2TB disk partitioned into 2 sections and the SSD running as it should.


                  Thanks for your advice and for pointing me in the right direction.  I know I would have struggled a lot more without it.  I was having some trouble using the Windows disk management tool and finally got the Mini Tool Partition Wizard, a free program that made things much easier.


                  Best regards!