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    DN2800MT front panel USB port issue




      I have motherboard DN2800MT (board model, BIOS version, Chipset driver version in attached images) with Windows XP Professional SP3 and external USB Audio soundcard.

      Soundcard is USB 1.1 device with external power supply.


      When I connect soundcard to any of 4 Rear panel USB ports all is fine. All mixers (playback and record) are active ("active mixer.PNG"). But when I connect soundcard to any of 4 Front panel USB ports (directly to the headers on motherboard) some mixer lines are inactive ("inactive mixer.PNG").


      From this discussion Re: usb controllers on dn28000mt motherboard  I see that Front panel ports are ports of "4-port USB 2.0 Hub Controller (AU6256)".

      Is there any difference between Front panel and Rear panel USB ports?

      What is possible reasons of mixer lines inactivity?


      Board model.PNG


      Chipset software version.PNG

      active mixer.PNG

      inactive mixer.PNG