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    fan speed and temperature




      i have a question regarding my new laptop and fan going on all the time when it is other then in eco mode. I got Toshiba Satellite L850-1C9, full spec; 15,6", 1366x768, HD, Intel Ivy Core i7 3610QM, Turbo Boost do 3,3 GHz, 8 GB DDR3, AMD Radeon HD 7670M 1024 MB RAM, Windows 7, 64 bit


      Toshiba PC Health Monitor at normal working mode shows Fan Speed 68%,75 when playing a simple game and CPU Temp. 52-60%. Programe CPUID Hardware Monitor Pro shows an average temperature around 63 degrees, again higher when doing something. Some say that this is normal for i7 but still, are temperatures around 60 degrees ok in normal working mode even when doing totally nothing?

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          The maximum temperature of your CPU is 105C, with a TDP (Thermal Design Power, the amount of heat the cooler must dissipate) of 45W. For comparison, the i7-3000 series desktop CPUs have a TDP of 77W.


          The CPU cooler in a laptop is very small, and so is the single fan used to cool the entire PC. Laptop CPUs run warm, just the way it is, the tradeoff for small size and portability. Also, the video chip is high end for a laptop, and if the single fan is cooling both of them, then your CPU temperature does not surprise me at all. You can't compare those temperatures with those of a desktop PC, just apples and oranges.


          You might want to get one of those laptop stands that have one or more fans in them for added cooling. Keep the fan vents clean with the compressed gas cans, and don't block the air intakes by putting the laptop on a soft surface.