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    How do I get 1366x768 on Intel GMA 3150?

    Audriano Renaldi

      Hi. I'm using a 10.1" netbook (1024x600) with Intel GMA 3150 running Windows 8 Pro.

      I enabled the down scaling support to get 1024x768 and 1152x864 to run Windows apps, and I believe those are 4:3.

      But the screen is 16:9, so I got them streched, and that is so not good.

      Plus I need 1366x768 to enable the snap feature on Windows 8.

      So, is there anyway I can get 1366x768? Driver updates, tweaks, or anything as long as I can get 1366x768. Thanks.


      Edit: The currently installed driver version is This was installed by Windows 8. Tho the latest driver version for GMA 3150 in the Download Center is for Windows 7 32-bit.


      Update: And I just found out, that some netbooks with Intel GMA 950 (I think) have 1366x768 as its native resolution. I know that 1366x768 will make things on 10.1" screen become smaller, but I don't really care about it, as long as it have the same aspect ratio. So please do something to GMA 3150.

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          Yes, i also want to have this resolution in my Netbook with Intel GMA 3150.

          Pls. INTEL hear us and give us updates.


          WE want experience Windows 8 Features fully on our netbooks.


          Thanks in Advance.

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            Aditya Nugraha

            You can follow the instructions below for downscaling intel GMA 3150...


            Many netbooks come with a default 1024x600 pixels (or similar) small screen resolution, which can cause problems in some apps or a lot of awkward scrolling. If you want to increase the amount of screen real estate you have on your netbook or be able to use apps that require higher-resolution displays (such as the Metro-style apps in the Windows 8 Developer Preview), you might be able to change a registry setting called "Display1_DownScalingSupported" in Windows to get options for higher resolutions. Here's how to search for the setting and change it:

            1. Go to the Start menu and type in regedit in the search box, then hit Enter.
            2. Scroll up on the left pane to make sure you are at the very top of the tree.
            3. At the top menu, go to Edit then Find... and search for "Display1_DownScalingSupported"
            4. Change each instance you find (you'll likely find 2 results for this) from "0" to "1". Make sure you change every found instance, because otherwise the hack won't work (in my experience).
            5. Once done, restart the system.

            When your system has restarted, when you right-click on your desktop and choose to change your screen resolution, you should now see options for 1024x768 as well as 1152x864 resolutions for your netbook, in addition to your previous resolutions.

            For your reference, the specific registry has been found, on the Lenovo S10-3T at both

            Keep in mind that while this registry hack has been shown to work with a number of netbooks from different manufacturers, it might not work with all netbooks, and modifying your registry is always something you do at your own risk. It's always a good idea to backup your registry before making any changes by going to the file menu and exporting it.

            (Note: Changing your default screen resolution on your netbook will most likely make it look a bit stretched out. You can try going into the advanced display properties for the Intel Graphics Media Accelerator, assuming you have an Intel GMA, where you have an option to set the aspect ratio to "maintain aspect ratio," but this has never seemed to work or apply for me; still, worth a try.)