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    RST ICH9R Driver - Can't Find The Right One


      I want to install a SATA Advanced Format (emulated) HDD in AHCI configuration. I use Vista32 Home Premium.


      My chipset is a "3 Series Chipset" (mine is a P35 Express) and my controller hub is the "82801IR/IO Controller Hub (ICH9R/DO) RAID and AHCI". The RST spec info says both are supported by Intel ... and that I need a driver 9.6 or newer.


      BUT ... when I go to the download center ... I can't find a driver that is applicable to the ICH9R. The only RST/Vista32 driver I found was version dated 6/7/12 ... and the readme file doesn't list the ICH9R. HOWEVER ... the readme file lists the "Desktop/Workstation/Server Express Chipset SATA AHCI Controller" ... and I dunno what that is ... but I wonder if that could be my controller hub ... yes ... no?


      So ... is version the right driver ... or am I outa luck?