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    N-6230, Bluetooth drivers, and high ping on wifi


      Hi everybody


      I recently bought an Intel N-6230 card to upgrade the one inside my laptop. It's an Asus K-53SV with Win7 Ultimate x64 installed on it.


      I have two issues:


      1. Bluetooth Peripheral Device drivers not found.


      The ICS Bluetooth package from the Intel download site seemed to install all but three peripherals. One is the modem and the second is the file transfer device (I'm guessing, as these functions don't show up in the application suite). Not sure what the third is. Windows update throws up a blank. Is there a second source or something I'm missing?


      2. High ping.


      This is an odd one. When in 5GHz mode, and when really close to the router (-60dB or better), usage of any high-bandwidth application slows the ping down to about 1000ms, both to the router/AP and to computers on the network. Switching to 2.4GHz immediately fixes this. As does moving away physically. Not that I normally use the laptop this way, but it's driving me nuts trying to figure out why this happens and how it might be fixed.


      Thanks fr your help!