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    s2600cp2 12 disk drivers problem



           I bought an intel server board s2600cp2 and 12 2TB SATA disks for storage purpose. however, I found that I only can see 8 disks 4 SATA + 4 SAS/SATA. if I put 6 SATA + 4SAS, it would be 10 disks.

         after I research the page: http://communities.intel.com/message/151509#151509, It seems that I have to buy another c600 upgrade key to make all the 8 SAS/SATA port working. now my problem is: which key I should choose, to make all the disks working and needn't any raid solution.

         I think RKSATA4R5 is enough to my problem for the real 4 SAS/SATA ports. Am I right? or at least I need RKSATA8.