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    Can't enable Intel HD 4000


      Hey all,


      I've bought a new PC with a GTX 660ti GPU and a 3570K CPU running on Windows 8.

      So I noticed that the CPU has  an integrated Intel HD 4000 graphics. I've read that with virtu MVP you can switch between the GPU and the integrated graphics to save power when the GPU is not needed.

      However, the problem is that I can't find the properties of the integrated graphics anywhere in windows 8 (i.e. rightlick -> display properties) and that I can't enable it. I've downloaded the latest drivers for the integrated graphics and it installed the Intel Graphics and Media Control Panel. However, when I doubleclick on it nothing happens!

      I can't find any option in the UEFI to choose between the 660ti and the Intel HD4000 graphics.

      The device manager shows that the Intel HD4000 is enabled and that it is working properly.


      Is there any way to open the properties and the Intel Control Panel and to enable it if needed?


      Thanks in advance