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    Problem with RAM [MB: DZ68BC]




      I have the mb DZ68BC [0037 BIOS; S1155 Intel Core i5-3470]. Also I have a special addition: I mean proper behaviour of RAM banks When I insert 4 DIMMs [Corsair 4Gb 1600MHz PC-12800 Vengeance :: CMZ4GX3M1A1600C9B] MB detects only 2 DIMMs (1st RAM bank :: blue). Another RAM slots marked as "Not Installed" (black). And BIOS shows me only 8Gb of RAM.


      Ok, I ejected blue bank and started computer again. Impossible ! I saw 2 DIMMs in the 2nd bank (black) which have been marked as "Not Installed" a few minutes ago.


      What should I do? I really want to have 16Gb of RAM which I bought :).




      Can anybody post here a direct link to Intel support form or mail where I can post my problem. I tried to find it by myself but had no any success

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          Hey when you bought the mother board did it come with the BIOS 0037? or did you update it to 0037? if it dint come with BIOS 0037 which BIOS did it come with?. Not that it matters coz all the BIOS that come after 0028 are crap eg BIOS 0035, 0036 0037 all this BIOS are trash but it seems Intel has left us in the dark. It's like they are not listening to us.


          You and all the other DZ68BC users including me have been screwed by Intel. Just wait for BIOS update if it will ever be released and if it will fix anything is something we don't know.


          Plus Intel has discontinued the board anyway, SO DZ68BC with BIOS 0035, 0036, 0037 is plagued/riddled with problems that have not been dealt with yet. Welcome to the DZ68BC Screwed By INTEL Club

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            Hey! Thanks for your answer!


            Oh, I didn't know that I bought a special edition If I knew about it I would have added more money for exclusive bugs and other individual bonuses


            I accept your invitation to the DZ68BC Screwed By INTEL Club =). And the first thing I'm gonna do, call to the Intel's support department of my country (or global) tomorrow.


            My mb came with BIOS 0021. And I upgraded it with i3 CPU to 28 and then to the 37 and then installed i5 CPU.

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              Yap you are screwed, have you tried rolling back to 0036, Note you can not go lower than 0035 and i recommend 0036 it has less bugs for other people compared to 0037 and 0035, I have rolled back several times to 0035 and 0036 from 0037 but currently I'm on 0037 for testing purposes.


              Check out this thread.



              Plus here is the Intel support page

              Contact Support

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                Thanks again!


                I'll try to downgrade the BIOS to the 0036 today. But on the 0037 I've observed the only one issue - the RAM bank.


                I was on this page. I mean contact page. I found only the phone and the community links (for Europe). So I'll call =)

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                  Good for you if you found only one problem, but I'm curious do you use a Dedicated Graphics Card? If you do please remove it while still on BIOS 0037 and tel me if your Monitor ports work and if the board will proceed to boot without Graphics Card, odds are if you have a Graphics Card and remove it the Board will beep meaning it doesn't detect a GFX Card and the Integrated GFX will not display anything in any of the DVD-D/I, HDMI or Display Port. 0037 PCH 0.0. Issue and Intel ME issue, Memory Banks Issue, IGP Issue On board Ports not working, Board cant display without GFX and probably more.


                  While on running on GFX Card, if you try any of monitor ports on the motherboard so you can use Lucid Logic they don't work too. On 0036 they all work with IGP or GFX Card but for the DVI-D/I only the analog works which is DVI-I signal, the HDMI and DP all work, even lucid logic Configurations work. with the pots behaving as stated. 0036 PCH issue present showing 0.0, Intel ME Issue present after updating to 0037


                  On 0035 every monitor port works as they should IGP & GFX Lucid Logic Or no Lucid logic but it breaks Overclocking and Overrides processor settings and you cant change them all you can do is disable turbo boost in that situation.

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                    I called the Intel's Support Department (my country) today and described them my problem. They couldn't find any records of my issue. So Intel engineer opened a new ticket and I hope that they contacted with the head office.


                    Also man who talked with me said that if my problem isn't solved I can replace my mb for free. But I don't want =) I think I receive another mb with the same problems So I'll try to describe my problem as full as I can. And I hope that they can find a fix without unnecessary mb sending.


                    About your question: I've updated my BIOS without using external Graphics Card. And only after the MB had worked with the i5 I inserted GC. Of course I used an integrated GPU all the time.


                    I connected with the Intel Support and send them my spec so I want to leave my configuration the same as I have now. But after fix (I hope) I can try the 0036 BIOS and the GPU. =)


                    And of course I'll write here about my adventures.

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                      Hey again!


                      I have a good news: now my mb shows me 16Gb of RAM 4x4Gb =) And also I've updated my BIOS to the 0039. After that I tested your configuration: removed external Graphics Card, connected monitor to the internal GPU and checked that all worked fine. Then I returned it all back.


                      1. Viktor, Intel's techsupport man, send me a link to the 0039 BIOS. I was surprised because I'd sorted links by date before downloaded 0037. And I can't remember that I saw the 0039. Also a date of this update is the last month! Ok, now all of this is in the past A downloaded it, tried to update by windows and I failed ). Computer just double rebooted and nothing happed. The BIOS was stayed on the 0037.


                      So I updated it by the F7 utility. And after that I saw my 16Gb of RAM. I don't know what the thing caused my problem: corrupted ver. of 0037 BIOS or the bad installation but with 0039 all works fine.


                      2. As I promised I tried to test the GPU issue but I didn't downgrade to the 0036 because... i'm afraid ) If it works DOES NOT FIX IT! And I can say that all worked fine. So you can try to update your BIOS and change GPU slot to internal.


                      But I had a strange bug: when I changed all back I started my computer and it worked only ~15 sec and after went down. I couldn't enable it with any button after that. Only when I unplugged it, waited about a few minutes and connected all back it started normally.


                      Now all works good



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                        Good that all works, I was to tell you this like 10hrs ago but i got caught up with work plus I was testing my machine, and its safe to say that currently the safest 003x BIOS is 0039, it hasn't ironed out all issues, Id give the BIOS 95%. coz virtually all my problems are gone I spent half of the day testing the BIOS and there is a loop hole that makes Intel ME & PCH 0.0 Issues to be experienced. good news is most wont notice coz you would probably restart at some point and you will never see the issues again unless you change something major in the BIOS more specifically RAM Speeds weather through XMP or manual to Increase or decrease speed doesn't matter it appears for a brief initial config then disappears completely after everything is set up mostly after restart.


                        Safest RAM Configuration is, first ignore the blue ones as primary DIMMs i assume this goes for Ivy Bridge users only I guess the primary DIMMs using Ivy Bridge are Black.


                        So for those using 1 RAM stick populate the first Black DIMM from the CPU side.


                        For those using 2 RAM Sticks populate the 2 Black DIMMs


                        For those using 3 RAM Sticks populate the 2 Black DIMMs and the first Blue DIMM from the CPU side


                        For those using 4 RAM Sticks its a no brainier populate all DIMMs all should be well, no issue there.


                        this tests have Been done using Ivy Bridge CPU and those scenarios produce working conditions with BIOS 0039 the Intel ME and PCH issue not present with those configurations.


                        Intel ME PCH issue present while using only the Blue DIMMs or while not using the first Black DIMM after the CPU. Simply put the First Black DIMM is the Key DIMM while using Ivy Bridge, Never had any issues with Sandy Bridge the only issue was when 0035 displayed wrong values but then i was changing to Ivy Bridge so i needed the 0035 BIOS.


                        Oh and all my monitor outputs are working too with the 0039 i tested all, then plugged back my EVGA GTX 670 FTW 2GB


                        Now to wait for my 32GB Corsair Vengeance Kit 1866 @ 9,10,9,27

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                          Marcio de Lima

                          Anyone have the memory compatibility list update?

                          I bought a intel DZ68BC motherboard but since that came i can't used yet, because I can't find a memory that works with this motherboard.


                          Can anyone help about memories that Work?

                          I want to have 16gb, 2x8gb or x4gb.


                          The list that is on the link...

                          Intel´┐Ż Desktop Board DZ68BC — System memory

                          But the list not update.

                          I see that Kingston KVR1333D3N9H/4gb is compatible, every store I searched I found only Kingston KVR1333D3N9/4gb without the letter "H"

                          I want to known if my motherboard will works whit this module?


                          Sorry about my english.

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                            Hi Marcio--


                            Sorry, I don't have knowledge about that particular Kingston memory.  But I can say that my DZ68BC motherboard has been running well (at 1600MHz memory speed) for more than a year using this memory kit:


                            CORSAIR Vengeance 16GB (4 x 4GB) 240-Pin DDR3 SDRAM DDR3 1600 (PC3 12800) Desktop Memory Model CML16GX3M4A1600C9B

                            So for sure you can find memory that will work in your board!

                            Good luck,


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                              Marcio de Lima

                              Thanks renormalize.

                              Any information about memories that works with this motherboard are important.

                              This is my first intel motherboard and I don't knew about this compatibility with some memories.

                              I found this memory from corsair, on the store that I bought my intel mother board.

                              Corsair Vengeance 16GB (4x4GB) 1600MHz DDR3 - CMZ16GX3M4A1600C9B

                              They say that this is compatible with intel XMP.

                              I would like to understanding the difference the letters CML and CMZ on the begin, and I hope that this don't have any influence about compatibility with intel DZ68BC

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                                Hello Intel Team and experts here.


                                Well, I have a computer I made about 3 years ago with Intel DZ68BC  with BIOS 28

                                Intel i7 2600k

                                Kingston memories 16 gigas ( I used the ones on the intel motherboard list )

                                Windows 7 PRO 64 bits.

                                SSD intel 510 series 120 gigas.

                                Power supply Corsair 850 w.


                                The fact is my computer never worked well.  I spent a lot of money to buit it. The computer looks like wants to frozen all the time, sometimes when I'm typing text gives me the impression that fought for a second and then skips letters.

                                When I use simple 3D features, OMG, it is a caos, even using my AMD HD 7970.
                                Even the SIMPLE second life www.secondlife.com that works perfect on INTEL IRIS, it frozen in my system with a powerfull videoboard as 7970, the best before the R9s ones.

                                PLease, I need a solution.


                                WHAT IS the best BIOS for this motherboard? The one I HAVE? 39? the latest? PLease user, please Intel, Please experts, I really need a help. please.  I am suffering with it.



                                What I need for this machine works better?  Should I update the bios? there any BIOS stable and better then the BIOS 28 ??
                                I will use the same hardware I described

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                                  The latest BIOS for your computer would be 0042, this is available here:

                                  Download BIOS Update [BCZ6810H.86A]


                                  You may want to give it a try.



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                                    I am having lot of issues with my computer with BIOS 28.  My computer is i7 2600K.  I used kingston memories of the motherboard list.
                                    Well.. The computer after a time turned on start to freeze when I am typing. When I use 3D with a powerfull videocard as HD 7970 after a new time going to freeze too.  I am going crazy with it.  I spend a lot of money in this computer.  What I should I do?

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