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    Unable to control CPU fan on DH77EB with latest BIOS version


      I just bought this board this week and installed it with a SilenX low profile 3-wire CPU fan (I need this fan to be able to fit into my Antec Aria case and I only have a single SATA HDD connected right now) connected to the CPU fan header. I upgrade the BIOS to Version 0097 - EBH7710H.86A.0097.2012.1031.0934 and no matter how I try, I am not able to set the fan speed in the BIOS. It always spins around 2300 RPM's. I tried various methods without any luck (in fact, when I switched to Classic View in the BIOS, it would let me make the changes but I am not able to save any of the BIOS settings. Hitting F10 splashes up the confirmation screen which then immediately disappears so none of my settings change or take effect. In Visual BIOS mode, none of the changes have any effect even though it accepts my changes).


      So, I then tried using SpeedFan (I previously installed Win7x64 Pro and updated all Intel drivers) and it too could not control the CPU fan speed. Now it make me wonder whether fan control is even possible on this board.


      So, is anyone else having any problems with CPU fan speed configuration in the BIOS? Does this board only support controlling CPU fan speed with PWM and not via voltage?