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    DQ77MK Bios Update not working

    Oliver Mueller

      Hi all


      I am trying to update my DQ77MK to the latest 53 firmware. It came from my distributor with an old 39er version. I was able to update the bios to version 50. To do that i had to install every single firmware one by one...what a pain. I never had this kind of issue with any other mainboard i sold or used so far.


      Well...stuck at version 50. I am using the Windows Installer (EB) of version 52. It will also not update to 53.


      With firmware version 39 there were lots of crashes, Windows Error Reports of the Management Software (failed UNS or UNC service),LOM NIC drops etc. Not very happy with the board i must say...


      Running Windows 7 SP1 with all updates installed.