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    Using 4 CORSAIR BANK as VS2GB1333D3 on DP43BF


      Hi everyone,

      I'm using since 2011 the Board DP43BF with a couple of Corsair VS2GB1333D3 without problems.

      Now I bought a new couple of the same bank memory (exactly the same) but I'm having 3 beep on system boot.

      I thought before that 4 bank of this memory/size as not allowed with DP43BF (maximum memory allowed is ( GB) but then I substituted old memory with new memory in order to understand if with the same currently configuration working but I have again the 3 beep on boot.


      Do you think that new couple of memory bank could be damaged ? Mai I install 4 bank of this memory within DP43BF.


      Thanks to evenryone can help me

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          I've been using the same motherboard for over a month, works great. There's a whole discussion here about how ithe DP43BF won't support 2GB modules without a BIOS upgrade. And flashing a new BIOS can be tricky, you can't jump from an earlier version to the latest, you have to flash it with incremental builds until you get to the latest.


          As for your problem, try installing just ONE piece of the original memory stick and see if it completes post and you can get into the BIOS. Corsair writes on their website that some motherboards have great difficulty running 4 slots of memory even if the motherboard has 4 slots. They also write that unless you buy a matched kit of 4 memory sticks, installing a second matched pair with an earlier matched pair may or may not work.


          I'm currenting using a pair of Corsair CM3X2048-1333C9DHX

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            Hi Brad, thanks a lot for very clear analysis.

            I'll try to inform my self on Corsair support.

            A thing anyway strange is that if I use the new couple of bank in place of the older the system doesn't start while with the older bank the system work properly.


            Have a nice day