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    Problems with an Intel i7 990x & Intel DX58OG computer


      Hello everyone,


      I would be really grateful if anyone could help. Here is the problem: I got 6 sticks of RAM and every each and one of those fails memory stress test by Intel Extreme Utility, tested one-by-one in 3 different slots of my motherboard (unfortunately, I couldn't manage to test 3 other, because I had no start and beeps when I used them). Which means my PC completely freezes.


      Why this bothers me? Well, when I launch high-load processes like simulations and 3D-related calculations same thing happens: my system freezes after some time, which means cursor not moving and no update on the screen at all. You can also hear the processor fan goes full load the very moment. It can be couple minutes since the calcultion starts as well as couple hours.


      I get best results (meaning just longest time with no freeze) when I run my RAM at XMP-1600 profile at 1600Mhz and 1.65V. But I literally tried everything, running at 1333Mhz Automatic profile, as well las runnning at 1066Mhz Manual profile, as well as runnning 1.5V / 1.525V voltage with different frequency variations. I also tried switching on and off different random BIOS parameters which I'm not event sure about.


      Processor temps during the stress test are about 30-40 °C and around 50-60 °C during calculations.


      So basically, really bad situation. Is it possible that I have all 6 sticks corrupt (they are 2 seperately bought 12Gb packs)? Or is it possible my motherboard is corrupt (which I read on one internet case, the guy replaced his Intel DX58OG with another one and it worked)? I'm really hoping it is me not understanding something fundamental behind numbers and settings.


      Please help. Thank you very much.


      My full computer specs are:

      Intel i7 990x (no overclock)

      Intel DX58OG (BIOS updated)

      24Gb RAM (2 x Kingston KHX1600C9D3K3/12GX = 6 sticks each 4Gb)

      Nvidia Quadro 2000

      Cooler Master V6

      PSU 750W