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    Intel Desktop Board D946GZIS - Frontal MIC problems


      hi, I have connected recently the frontal audio connectors ... but the MIC doesnt works :S (only the microphone, the earphones works ^^)


      i have connected the wires like motherboard's manual says ...


      please, i need help


      (sry, y don't speak english very well jajajjajaa )


      thanks ^^

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          Hello Cronos -


          Troubleshooting the front panel microphone can be a little complicated in that the issue may be hardware or software related.  I'm going to supply you with two links to portions of our troubleshooting document for audio issues.  Please take a look at these two troubleshooting steps and let us know if you continue to face the same issue with your configuration.


          Link 1

          Link 2


          Casey H.
          Intel Customer Support
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