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    My i5 2500k is stuck in a boot Loop


      I bought a i5 2500k processor on OCT 25th, 2012. From the start onwards i have encountered boot loop issue and occasional screen freeze. I thought it was a mobo problem so i went on to change the mobo from Gigabyte to MSI. To my dismay the problem didn't go away.


      I contacted the Intel Support Chat and i don't have any idea whether they are really qualified enough. They keep on asking me to change the RAM and PSU and i followed their advice as they were experts. Again to my dismay the problem still existed. I went with them again to ask for solutions and they simply asked me to contact the local support group. I have no idea how to contact the local support group.


      Now i am really tired and frustrated and i5 2500k is a real crappy product. I am going to throw it to the ditch. I was previously using an AMD system which had no trouble for the past two years. I going to continue with AMD and i will not think of getting a intel product again in my life.