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    Why do my wifi Advanced-N 6230 works so bad on my new laptop ??




      to begin, sorry for my English.


      I bought few days ago a new samsung  NP530U4B-S01ES  with windows 7.


      It has got a wireless intel Advanced-N 6230 . Everything in the laptop work perfectly.


      Unfortunatly, the laptop has serious problem to connect to any wireless line : it can do it, but worse than any other laptop i've ever had,

      I compared it with 5 (older) laptops and is defenetly the worst. I can't work with it ! I tried to swich the bluetoot off but nothing happened.


      I tried to look for new drivers or stuff, but I didn't find anything.


      Can anyone help me ?


      I don't want to buy a USB wireless key for a new generation laptop !!!


      Thank you very much