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    DH77DF Raid and Brocade HBA BR825 doesn't work




      I have DH77DF and Brocade HBA BR825. When I insert this HBA in PCI-E slot and activate Raid function, computer goes reboot after the bios post. When I extract HBA all goes ok, when I use HBA and AHCI or IDE mode all goes ok. I have latest bios on MB and HBA.


      Any ideas, how to fix it?

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          Hello Alexey,

          I understand that your system will not boot up if you have installed the PCI Express* card and the RAID controller on RAID mode.

          This behavior seems that could be related to a power issue or the array taking too long to initialize.

          I recommend you to test the system on a basic configuration and possibly testing with a different power supply. Also on the SATA configuration tab you will find an option called hard drive delay, please set a delay to allow the hard drives to initialize properly.