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    No scaling options on Atom z2760




      I would love to play some really old games on my new Samsung Ativ Smart PC but when I load them they are not scaling to fit the monitor, they are only displayed in a small box (their resolution) surrounded by blackness. I looked in the Intel Graphics and Media Control Panel and there are virtually no options to do anything in regards to scaling. The only setting is 'Maintain Display Scaling'. I also tried changing the resolution to 1024x768 and the scaling changes to Center Image but it still has the same result when I load old games.


      Is there anything I can do to make games stretch to fill the monitor, or at least stretch while keeping their aspect ratio. I can't play them in such a small box. I have tested so far Grim Fandango, Beneath a Steel Sky, Gemini Rue (and all the other Wadjet games) and a couple others which I cannot get to stretch.


      Thanks in advance!


      Edit: I just tried changing my resolution with List All Modes in the advanced settings to 640x480 and 800x600 however they do not stretch as wel so it seems to just be a problem of allowing lower resolutions to stretch and fill the screen. I do not understand why this is not possible as it has been for many years, please can someone help me?

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          Anyone at Intel can give me a hand here? I tested it on my TV using hdmi and it scales fine on the TV but stil doesn't scale on the tablet itself so clearly it has the ability to scale but something is stopping it scaling on the tablet screen.

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            As a further update I got in touch with Samsung and they said it was an issue of games not being compatible with Windows 8 but I know this isn't correct as I can change my desktop's resolution to 640x480 and the actual desktop doesn't scale to fill the screen and there is no option to do so. Can anyone at Intel confirm if future driver updates are being worked on to enable screen scaling on Windows 8 tablets?

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              It has been a few months now, does anyone have an answer for this?

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                Hi vladdie,


                I see you have installed Windows 8 on an Atom Processor, the support for driver availability and driver features is provided by your computer manufacturer. In other words, Intel does not offer drivers for Windows 8 for Netbook computers. You need to get them through Microsoft* updates or your computer manufacturer's web site.

                About scaling options, this feature has to be implemented by your computer manufacturer, if the Vbios of the graphics controller was not designed to support scaling options, then your computer will never support such features.