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    Intel hd graphics family

    memo taha

      Hi everyone,i have laptop dell inspiron n5050 with core i3 processor with 4gb ram  and intel hd graphics family driver,

      the graphics card have approx total memory 251 mb.

      the question is why the graphics card is too small ??????

      and how to increase it???


      i cant run any games plz help.


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          Hi memo,


          Can you provide a copy of your dxdiag for review please?  (Start -> Run -> dxdiag -> Save All Information) and upload it here?


          Thank you,


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            I am sorry to bud in like this....But I have a small question over my graphics chip.


            According to the dxdiag I have a...

            Intel(R) HD Graphics Family

            DAC Type: Internal

            Total Memory: 1696MB

            This is using a Asus laptop with i3-2370M, 2.4GHz, Memory 4GB, and HDD 320GB...Windows 7.



            Is the graphics chip above or below HD Graphics 2000?


            Please reply soon.  I am thinking hard if I could upgrade from FS9 to FSX.

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              Hi Aaron Essary,


              That chip comes with Intel® HD Graphics 3000 - which is a member of the HD Graphics Family.  There should be two lines under Display Adapter in your dxdiag which state the HD Graphics type, the first one saying the family (HD Graphics Family), and the second one with your adapter string (HD Graphics 3000).  Additionally, you can check the adapter string by performing the following steps;


              Ctrl + Alt + F12 -> Options & Support -> Information Center -> Note the "Accelerator in use".




              Right click the desktop -> Screen Resolution -> Advanced Settings -> Note the "Adapter Information".


              I hope this answered your questions!