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    Issues with Intel 82566MM NIC on Acer Tm 6492 laptop running Windows 8


      I've faced a few issues after upgrading mine Acer TM 6492 laptop to Windows 8 x64:

      1. Frequent 1-3 seconds freezes when LAN cable is connected.
      2. Inability to connect to the internet via PPPOE (error 651).

      I've installed latest drivers from Intel - didn't help, installed very old drivers manufacturer provided for Vista - same story.

      There were no issues with same configuration running Windows 7 x64.

      Cheap Moschip-based USB Ethernet adapter runs alongside just fine.

      Can anyone please suggest a solution?

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          Karel Krupala

          Hi, i have the same issue with Acer TM6592G with the same NIC card (8566MM). Looking for the problem few hours than i found, that when the NIC is disabled, the system works fine. After enabling NIC and connecting the cable, the problem is on. There is nothing in processes visible. Tried x86 and x64 (Windows 8 upgrade from Vista) and tried also the installation without upgrade (fresh install of w8 x64) with the same problem.

          Unfortunatelly have not found any solution yet.


          Edit: found the same problem on Microsoft forum:

          Windows 8 : Intel 82566MM Network Card On Windows Is Crappy ? - Microsoft Community

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            Hi Karel,


            There are 2 workarounds you can try, described in MS forums @ Intel 82566MM Network not working on Windows 8 - Microsoft Community:


            1. Plug in power cable, set "Maximum performance" power plan, disable power saving in driver's settings. May require replugging Ethernet cable or restart.

            2. Get USB Ethernet adapter.


            Both of them are just workarounds. I hope someone from Intel will take a look at this issue and figure out a solution - it's probably can be fixed in drivers.

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              I am having exactly the same problem on Windows 8 Pro running on an HP Compaq 8510w mobile workstation.


              Everything seems to run pretty smooth unless running on battery. Then every 3-10s the screen freezes for a couple of seconds. Sometimes the screen goes black and returns with the message that the graphics driver (nVidia 310.90) has been reset.

              I also noticed that the link status seems to "hand" frequently when the issue appears. After disconnecting the cable the network manager on Windows 8 still reports cable connected and prefers cable connection and therefore no network connectivity is possible at all. Disabling the network connection helps in both, unfreezing and restoring network connectivity (via WLAN). Also in device manager after such freezes the Intel driver still reports a GBE link.


              Tried many things to get around the issue:

              - Original Microsoft driver

              - Intel Network Driver 17.4

              - Disabling all link-speed and power management options in device manager

              - Playing with powersafe settings like PCIe link speed etc.


              Nothing seems to help. A lot of 82566MM based designs (desktops, notebooks...) seem to be affected. Maybe it's a Windows 8 issue (the chip seems to work fine on Windows 7 with Intel drivers) but Intel seems not to investigate either. Perhaps is's related to some network driver handling changes Microsoft introduced in Windows 8 so Intel and Microsoft can fight forever to figure out who has to fix it.


              Looks like we would have to get new hardware. Such a pity since Intel was always supposed to offer a bit more "quality". Looks like one would be better off buying some cheap Realtek stuff in the future. It might have issues as well but at least it would be very cheap then so I would expect to replace it.



              Edit: Tried driver version 18.0 at no avail. Driver is from October 2010 for 82566MM but still freezing Windows every couple of seconds on battery.

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                Problem solved on my HP Compaq 8510p.


                1. Install the driver version going to http://www.intel.com/p/en_US/support/detect

                2. Go to "Control Panel"\"Power Options"

                3. Choose "High Performance Plan" (best choice for this issue) or Balanced Plan

                4. Click on "Change plan settings"

                5. Click on "Change advanced power settings"

                6. Go to "Processor power management"\"Minumum processor state"

                7. In the "On battery" textbox, type a number greater than 60



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                  Unfortunately this is not a "solution" at all. The issue mainly happens when device is on battery (my one even keeps hanging in link on/off state after re-plugging power) and in battery mode nobody wants to disable power savings.

                  Limiting lower limit of clock rates to > 60% means much less CPU power saving. Using "High Performance" Power plan is even worse as it disables even more power saving features.


                  The only thing which is clear is that the driver misbehaves on Windows 8 and this issues seem to be related to power save modes. I also had dynamic ticks disabled in Windows 8 kernel on my 8510w for a while as I god a couple of BSOD which might have been related. Re-enabled dynamic ticks 3 days ago and BSODs re-appeared. Although even with dynamic ticks disabled the Intel network driver seems to freeze Windows 8 every couple of seconds. So the issue is not solved at all. Potential workaround with immense negative impact has been found though.

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                    Having same problem with Intel 82566MM on Toshiba Portege laptop.  Actually discovered the issue when doing a PXE boot to WinPE4.0 so the default 64-bit Win8/WinPE4.0 drivers are to blame.  I upgraded the default PXE drivers  using Proset 17.4 and the problem was still there so I then spend half a bloody night thinking I had a PXE problem not a LAN problem. When I did eventually put Win8 on the Portege the LAN problem was there with connection on, connection off etc unless running in full power mode.


                    My guess Intel are well aware of this but don't have a solution yet that is why they are so quiet.


                    3 Ways Intel deals with online snags....

                    1. You have a snag, Intel know about it, they have a fix, they tell you the fix.
                    2. You have a snag, Intel don't know about it they tell you to read the manual.
                    3. You have a snag, Intel know about it, Intel don't have a fix.....INTEL IGNORE YOU.
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                      Or they just stay silent until they have investigated further. Today I have tried some 18.1 version driver from Intel at no avail.


                      Then I found Mark H posted some update here: windows 8 with Intel 82566MM Network Card is not usable


                      Finally this seem to have resolved my issue on my HP 8510w mobile workstation. Thanks to Mark H and the Intel engineers to investigate and find the cause of the issue. Apparently Msi (Message Signaled Interrupt) does not work well with Intel drivers/hardware and needs to be disabled. However not clear to me yet why the driver does not disable it automatically - maybe future versions will.