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    IntelHD and its problems.


      Well, hello.


      I've got a new Laptop (XMG P701, Schenker), which includes following specs:

      OS: Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate Edition Service Pack 1

      Mainboard: P170HMx

      Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i3-2310M CPU @ 2.10GHz

      Graphicscard: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 560M

      RAM: 4.0 GB


      While surfing around, I found out, that this i3 has a IntelHD component aswell. Since I've run into a few troubles with Intels drivers (...does not meet the minium requirements...), I've doubledownloaded the drivers from MYSN, a german Schenker retailer. Both downloads only give me following output:

      'The contents of this file cannot be unpacked. The executable you are attempting to run has been corrupted. Please obtain another copy of the file, verify its integrity, and try again.'

      Okay. B'****.

      Next I headed to CLEVO-Website, which is the manufacturer of the mainboard and checked their download-section. They don't list IntelHD-Drivers, while MYSNs Website seems to have some corrupted uploads.


      My Device Manager doesn't even show up any IntelHD-Display adapters.


      Now is the question: Is this my fault? Isn't Nvidia Optimus supported? Can a BIOS-Upgrade give me an option?


      Need some infos and advice, please.





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          Kevin Provan

          Hi I don't know about your pc but if it is an i3 it should have the HD 3000 as you mentioned.

          And the drivers from Intel should work.


          To be sure you don't have a different CPU can you check in control panel for system and it will list the CPU type and also check if the your windows 7 is 32 or 64 bit. All the info will be there.


          I just thought that maybe you have tried to install a 32 bit diver on a 64 bit windows 7 or 64 bit on Windows 7 32 bit.



          Edit I re read your post an saw the picture that you have the Nvidia working to use the HD 3000 you need to change it in the bios.

          There you can choose the on CPU video or the Nvidia.

          That will be the most likely reason it cant be seen as the bios only switches one on at a time usually.

          Although on some PC's you can run both video adaptors and use a software which will decide the best video adaptor and change if needed.

          The software should of come with your pc or be on its site if it is usable on your pc.



          Any questions feel free to ask


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            I checked it aswell.

            It is an i3-2310m, and a Win64Bit.

            As far as I could surf the web with this model, the Bios is blocking the Optimus out. Damn.

            Anyone could help with a BIOS-Mod out?

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              Kevin Provan

              I was just reading the Handbuch and lucky it was in English as my Deutsch is average (I'm in Australia).

              I was looking to see if the bios could change the graphics but your Nvidia should be ok anyway but it would be nice for you to see which performs better.

              I will keep looking as it's evening here and not much else to do right now.


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                Kevin Provan

                Nothing about bios except how to flash

                First I've seen without a guide to the bios.

                And this model said it's got an i7 but was the right model laptop.



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                  Yes, that's right. The socket supports many Intelmodels, with another socked, P170 from Clover there are some AMDs supported.