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    Thunderbolt for X97 based motherboards


      Hi all,


      I was just wondering why thunderbolt is not present in todays X79 motherboard, at least as an PCI-e expansion.


      I've come to understand that Thunderbolt is mostly used as a efficient way to connect GPU's with a monitor in the newer motherboards such as Z77 from ASUS.


      Hence Thunderbolt being twice as fast as USB 3.0, I really can't understand why this hasn't been added in addition to the USB's.


      ASUS also made an upgrade kit for 1155 motherboards (Only for a selection of motherboards, mainly the Z77) that allows for a Thunderbolt PCI-e x1 expansion slot. This also for the sole purpose of outputting the video through Thunderbolt.


      Even a little MacBook Pro has the Thunderbolt, so I really don't see the reason for this not being added as standard equipment.


      Why can't anyone take the initiative in making the Thunderbolt connection for X79 (including many other motherboards). So that we, that don't intend to use the mentioned function of it, can use this to connect our storage devices and other devices that uses Thunderbolt.


      In addition I really want the Blackmagic Intensity Extreme to record gameplay from my Xbox on HDMI cables only. The Intensity Shuttle has only one HDMI output, the rest is based on SD cables and component.


      I'd be really glad if someone might be able to help me on this, maybe you share similar thoughts on the matter.


      Please, add your thoughts and let's discuss it here.


      Thanks for your feedback!


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