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    Setting Rapid Storage Data and Cache volume




      I have 30GB SSD with the Intel's Rapid Start and Storage technology.

      The original setup was in Intel Rapid Storage software:


      - Volume_001: 8GB (data)

      - Volume_002: 22GB (cache)


      I disabled acceleration and could use SSD as separate drive.

      Now i want to restore original drive structure 8GB (data) and 22GB (cache) volume,

      but i see only 30 GB  (cache) in Rapid Storage software after enable acceleration.

      I can't set 8GB data volume.

      I created 8GB hibernation partition with diskpart (create partition primary size=8192 id=84) too

      and start technology worked, but after enabling acceleration i got 30 GB (cache) volume without hibernation or data volume.


      My question is how to restore the original drive structure?