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    DZ77BH55K BIOS conflicts

    Ron Kopald

      Hey everybody, Just wanted to post (ha) some beta about my recovery experience recently.

      My mobo went POST code crazy a few days ago after dealing with multiple instances of the "3 beep" issue.

      recovered my computer with 094 rev of BIOS.

      I went into the BIOS menu tonight to turn off the auto setting for the onboard audio, and BIOS went ape poopy.

      a press of back to BIOS recovered me.

      I think I found another issue with this board...

      I wanted to turn off the auto assign for the Real Tek audio drivers since i run an interface through a PCIe FW400 card.

      My computer doesn't like that. It needs to have the onboard audio device option selected or BIOS won't boot.

      When this mobo is stable it's very stable, but when it's not, it's very bad.

      Way past what most home PC builders want to handle.

      Please keep posting issues here. It's helpful for us home idiots when attempting to debug.