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    s5000vxn flashing warning LED


      I have a system with an s5000vxn motherboard.  It boots just fine now but the warning LED flashes amber.  The ID LED is also flashing.  On the inside the only LED on is the +5.1V LED.  The chassis is an SC5300. I'm not sure how to troubleshoot this.

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          After about 30 minutes the system hung and the warning LED went to solid amber.  Still no LEDs on motherboard, -other than the +5.  It could be a heat-related problem.  Any ideas which hardware it might be?

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            Use the System Event Log viewer - not Windows Event Log. As the amber light indicates there is something in the event log of the baseboard that will give you insight.


            here is the manual

            In most cases, this utility is bundled with the firmware download for the board. I cannot find that specific board on the download site. I'll leave it to you to decide if you wrote it wrong, or if the site is just being silly. Meanwhile, you should have a support disc which came with the server, you might find the SEL viewer on that.