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    Graphics Card Doesn't Meet Requirements

    Michael prestwood

      Hi everyone, I'm new on this and not sure if I have put this post in the right place but anyway

      I have a Sony Vaio ( Sony : Specification for VPCEB3J0E/WI | VPCEB3J0E/WI technical specifications)

      I'm hoping to play games on it, and yes I know laptops are terrible for gaming so if anyone can tell me the reason why I'm getting this result then I shall look into getting a desktop


      So here's the problem



      Why does it say my card isn't good enough if it has all the requirements beneath?


      Any help from anyone who can explain why this is happening would be greatly appreciated, and I don't want to buy another computer if I only need to Tweak some settings or something,


      Thanks, Michael

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          The graphics card that you have is an integrated one, and despite having more than the required amount of memory shown, it still isn't good enough. Video cards aren't just about the amount of memory you have, there are many other factors that go in to play. If you want to get an idea of what your card can do, either Youtube the name of the game + your graphics card, or go on Notebookcheck and look for your model. Hope this helps.

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            Hi Michael,


            It just so happens that 'Can You Run It' specifically mentions a failing grade for just about anything from Intel.  The way the diagnostic is run, it quite literally checks and says "oh it's not nVidia and it's an intel?  Fail!" - despite the fact that many of the games it provides a fail grade to are quite playable with our processors.


            Take it with a grain of salt.