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    RS2BL080 and SSD caching


      Hi all,


      I'm wondering about adding the SSD cache to my HDDs array using RS2BL080. From what I learned on Intel website, I need to buy and physically insert the AXXRPFKSSD key into the controller and then the CacheCade-related options in RAID Web Console will be available. I also learned that LSI provides trial keys for its CacheCade feature, now the questions are:


      1. Does Intel also provide the trial keys, or do the keys provided by LSI work on RS2BL080? Specifically I mean these keys: LSI MegaRAID Advanced Software trial keys


      2. If the keys work, let's assume I have a data volume and a cache disk. Can I delete the cache shortly before the trial period expires and still be able to use the data volume (on HDDs) without any interruptions or data loss? I'm asking this because LSI says on its website that "Once enabled, even if the CacheCade volume is deleted and not used, after 30 days the data volume will be unaccessible".


      Thanks for your help in advance.


      Best regards