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    No USB input after updating BIOS on DZ77RE-75K


      I'm having an issue with the DZ77RE-75K motherboard where, after updating the BIOS, USB does not work until the computer boots in to Windows.


      If I update the BIOS from v49 to v53 or v59 the motherboard will not recognize USB input until Windows boots.


      This means I can not access the motherboard BIOS, Network boot or BIOS update functions unless I use a PS2 keyboard.


      I have tried updating the BIOS using the .exe file and also using the .ROM file w/the F7 prompt.  The BIOS updates successfully, but USB does not function until Windows starts.


      I have an Acronis recovery prompt that I sometimes need to access before Windows starts and using a PS2 keyboard permanently is not an option.