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    G620 iGPU & analog PQ


      I just replaced my SageTV HD200 extender with a SageTV client PC running Win7 64 that has a G620 processor.  It is connected to my Samsung 52" LCD via HDMI. I noticed a degradation in picture quality as a result of the change.  No other variables in play...simply switched the ethernet and HDMI cables from the extender to the new Win7 machine with the G620 in it.


      I realize there probably aren't a lot of SageTV software experts on this board but I don't think you need to be an expert in any particular DVR software to help me with the Intel graphics utility.


      In SageTV I have video renderer set to EVR (but could use VMR9) & uses DXVA; I have MPEG2 video decoder filter set to the default SageTV video decoder (but could use MS DTV-DVD video decoder instead); Dscaler deinterlacing filter is disabled by default but there are 6 different DI options available.


      On the Intel HD graphics utility, I'm not sure what to tweak to improve PQ and not sure what "driver automatic setup" does compared to "application settings".


      The picture is still viewable but just noticing fuzzier, less clear graphics on the screen like players' names and stats towards the bottom of the screen, when watching a sporting event.


      Ironically, HD quality is perfect via my HDHR tuners...just the Hauppauge PVR150 and PVR500 analog tuners where I'm noticing the poorer PQ with the iGPU on the G620.


      On the attached pics, note the unreadability of the small text on the screen.  What I can adjust in the Intel HD graphics utility to improve this picture quality?   What settings should I be tweaking in the intel HD graphics utility to try and get clearer PQ?


      G620 PQ #2.pngG620 PQ #1.png



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          Hi Jammor,


          When you are referring to the "Intel HD Graphics Utility" are you referring to the Graphics and Media Control Panel?  Also, are your visuals not being rendered in full-screen, or do you just have the scaling set to centered?




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            Nic - yes, I'm referring to the Graphics and Media Control Panel.  The picture onto the 52" Samsung LCD is being rendered in in full screen...either native 4:3 480 or I can stretch it to 16:9.  I just reduced the file size in MS Paint in order to make sure it would not be too big to email or see on the screen.


            I don't have de-interlacing turned on in my DVR software (SageTV).  I wonder if I need to turn it on to sharpen the image?  I don't know that much about DI.  Thoughts?


            thx James

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