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    Not Installed

    brett michaels

      This is an Intel DG35EC motherboard, E8400 CPU, and Seagate 2Tb HD.

      It boots up but refuses to boot from the HD, and I was able to install a Linux Mepis OS to the HD.

      When I checked the BIOS, the serial number of the drive appears, but beneath it are the words,"Not Installed".

      I checked the connections and they appear to be in order.

      I can't seem to find any relevant updates for this particular problem

      What needs to be done in order to show the drive as,"Installed"?

      What needs to be done in order to get the system to boot from the drive?

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          Two things to try, in the BIOS make sure the drive interface is configured as native mode and not legacy. Second thing when you install linux and it asks you about setting up the disc, see if it has an option to partition using mbr. If the drive was partitioned as gpt you will not be able to boot from the drive because your motherboard doesn't support that.


          The BIOS showing "Not Installed" may or may not be a problem. I once had a Seagate drive that showed something like that but it worked fine.  The 2T drive is at the ceiling of what your board should support but it might just be too big and modern for a 4 year old motherboard. You can also try running the latest version of Seagate SeaTools on the disc just to make sure the drive is working perfectly.