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    3 Beeps on Post / No Display - DG43NB


      Hi I'm new to this community.


      I am running DG43NB Board. Today when the computer was running, suddenly the display gone automatically. And when on it starts 3 Beep & No Display.

      After searching on google and Intel Troubleshooting site I found its a Memory Error

      There are two DIMM installed, and I check both of them individually in another computer they are working fine.


      I've removed graphic card and took out the board from chassis and tried running on minimum configuration. Used another power supply. Another Display. On board Graphics but no luck. There are two RAM slots and they both are clean, RAM connectors are clean. I Tried both RAM in each slot separately. RAM are also perfectly seated in its place & Locked. But nothing is happening. Beeps are still coming like there is no RAM.


      No solution has given in Technical Document. Also tried the solution found in website i.e, troubleshooting.


      What should I do now? Please Help! I have No Warranty


      What do you guys think? Is my board has gone bad?