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    Will Intel made a driver that works under Windows 8 for Intel GMA 3600?


      Dear Intel Community,


      I have a netbook with Intel Atom N2600 processor, which has Intel GMA 3600.  Under the Metro screen in Windows 8, if I try opening an app, Windows 8 crashes.  I get VIDEO_TDR_FAILURE and Kernel Mode Display driver problem (igdkmd32.sys).


      I'm running an external monitor.  I use the generic Microsoft display adapter and everything works, but my video resolution is not right. (1600 x 1200 instead of 1920 x 1080)  It's stretched. 


      This is a known issue.  My netbook should run Windows 8 under Intel GMA 3600 with the last published driver.  However it doesn't.  And if I wanted to use just the Netbook alone it's resolution is 1024 x 600 so I can't use Metro.  Unless of course I trick it into displaying 1024 x 768 mode, then it works, but it looks all stretched LOL.


      Is Intel going to put out a driver for Intel GMA 3600 that works properly for Windows 8?  I am dying to know! 


      (Supposedly from reading virtually every thread on this from forums across the Web, there are tablets with this GMA that won't run Windows 8 even though they were advertised as doing so.)


      Please let me know if you have any answer to this question!  Thanks.  Cheers!