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    DH67BL, gets to Intel splash, no keyboard response, no configuration screen

    tom jennings

      i have a new DH67BL, i5 processor, 8GB ram. Upgrading an older machine.


      There seems to be some issue(s) with USB keyboard recognition. I have a corded USB keyboard, and two different USB wireless keyboards. All work on other machines.


      Problem 1, the main problem: i get to the "Intel" splash screen, the the "Setup <F2>" etc text in lower right, but keyboard activity does nothing. Power off, move configuration jumper to rearward pair (2-3), same thing. No different in NORMAL vs CONFIGURATION. The system is "alive"; power-on with no RAM,  three beeps as expected. Power on with no keyboard, get NO KEYBOARD FOUND (but see additional problem below). Finally, with my good Logitech wireless keyboard, I know that the DH67BL is initializing it and seeing it; when pressing the CAPSLOCK key, the CAPSLOCK light toggles only when the USB dongle is plugged in and initialized (some times it is not, see below).


      I've pulled the battery (with power off!), waited 5 min, battery back in, power on, got CMOS ERROR and CLOCK ERROR etc. When that happens, it sits for ever. But subsequent RESET/power cycle with battery in and it goes to splash screen etc as before (eg. it re-set CMOS to some non-errored default OK).


      I see nothing at this point that I can do. Please prove me wrong. Please do not tell me to try a PS/2 keyboard (or a floppy disk, or a SCSI drive,or other antiquated crap no one has any more). I smell a rat in BIOS keyboard support and/or power on initialization.




      Problem 2, this this is not the core problem, directly. often on power-on i get "NO KEYBOARD FOUND". Power off/on and it is recognized. Happens on any USB 2 port (front or rear). Once this happens, usually just pressing RESET it's recognized. Since this happens with all three, and all three work flawlessly, today, in two different machines, it is not the keyboard(s).


      One additional symptom for you: the corded board has a NUMLOCK LED. When it says "NO KEYBOARD FOUND" numlock LED is usually off, and pressing NUMLOCK does nothing (should toggle the light). CAPSLOCK works/doesnt, same way.