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    NO HOTSPOT FOR ME !!! :(


      I am facing some major issues with 3945ABG Network adapter.I bought my HP Pavellion Laptop 4 years back (Which came with Vista ).. which I had to upgrade to Windows 7 by shelling Re 5000, and till then I am struggling to get the drivers for my laptop; Some how managed to run all the components on my laptop. HP site even does not support Windows 7 for my laptop (Great!!!).


      Recently I was trying to create "Virtual WiFi", Nice looking feature if Windows 7 (Where you can convert your laptop to a virtual hotspot and share the internet,with other devices) but found this adapter does not support that feature.  Now I have to spend some more money to get a wifi router.


      Even I am wondering why even invest in PC and Laptop now, I can very well sell my Laptop and get a nice smart phone, which will eventually serve a wifi hotspot ( wondering if this feature can implimented so easily in mobiles, whats a great deal in implementing this in Laptops).


      Come on Intel, Please care for your existing customer and dont make us feel useless and helpless, as we dont have any other way to get the support for our existing systems if manufactures itself is stopping the support of the drivers and devices sold just 4 years back


      Hope you will include the virtual wifi. hotspot feature and support for other issues mentioned above.


      Your frustrated customer;