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    Intel Matrix Storage Manager issue


      Why does Matrix Storage Manager want to verify and repair my RAID volume ever time I reboot?  Listening to my hard disks thrash for hours is starting to make me cringe given that I have 8 GB of RAM and should almost never hear a peep from my disks once the OS has fully loaded.  At this rate, my Raptors are going to be dead in 6 months flat.  How can I make this stop?

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          Hi David,


          Assuming that you have an Intel Desktop Board.


          First thing is to do make sure that you have the latest bios, drivers and latest Intel Matrix Storage Manager.

          Website: http://downloadcenter.intel.com/filter_results.aspx?trTypes=all&ProductID=2101&OSFullName=All+Operating+Systems&lang=eng&strOSs=All&submit=Go%21


          These are the information that i know for Verify and Repair:


          RAID volume data verification and repair

          1. RAID volume data verification process identifies and reports any inconsistencies or bad data on a RAID 0/1/5/10 volume.

          2. If volume is not initialized when action is requested, the user will be given the option to first initialize the volume before proceeding or to cancel the request

          3.Initiated by right-clicking on the RAID volume in the device tree and selecting Verify Volume Data or Verify and Repair Volume Data


          Only if you have a RAID 1/5/10 you can get the option Verify and Repair:



          If you have a RAID 1, then these are the functions that the software is trying to do.

          Bad blocks are reassigned. If the data on the mirror drive does not match the data on the source drive, the data on the mirror is overwritten with the data on the source.


          If you have a RAID 5 & 10, then:
          Bad blocks are reassigned. If the newly calculated parity does not match the stored parity, the stored parity is overwritten with the newly calculated parity.

          So probably, depending on the size of the hard disk, these functions do take load of time to complete. Possibly, it is not completed, that's why it is behaving like this.

          Or may be one of the drives is going to fail in the future. Other than this, i dont have any more suggestions to give.


          Kind Regards,

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            Is it possible that this happens due to an unclean shutdown of Windows?  Initially I was having issues with Vista and on more than one occasion, I was forced to power off the system.  Is it default behavior of the software to verify after coming up the first time following a dirty shutdown of the OS?

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              You are correct. An unclean shutdown will trigger the process. If an unclean shutdown occurs, the verification process will automatically run when the system restarts again. If a normal shutdown occurs, the process should not run unless you initiate it from the console.



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                What does intialization do?   Will it delete any data?

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                  No data loss. For RAID 5, the initialization process calculates (and writes) parity for every strip on the array.

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                    Solution ID: CS-029124 says initialization will occur when the OS has completed the boot process. but what if my os stuck on the booting up process, i left it for over a week and nothing change