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    Windows 8 Raid Driver (RST) Load Fails - Clean Install


      Hello - I have a Gigabyte motherboard with the ICH10R controller, running Windows Vista on a Raid 5 boot array.  I've created a 100Gb partition on the array (unformatted), and intend to do a clean installation of Windows 8 to that part of the array.  When running the Win8 installer, it immediately asks me for a 'missing' driver, which I presume to be for the Intel raid controller.  I've downloaded the 'F6' driver bundles for Win8, version for both x86 and x64.  However, when I browse to either of these driver bundles, upon seeing only one match in the driver list (both for the Desktop/Workstation Raid Driver), hitting next causes the installer to think for a bit before displaying a message that no new driver can be found.  At this point I cannot proceed.


      The strange part to me is that when I'm browsing for the driver files, which I have on a thumb drive, the current Vista Raid 5 partition is active and visible; if the Win8 installer needs a driver for the array, how can I browse to files on that partition?  Is there a possibility that the installer is looking for a driver for a different component on my PC - i.e. should one have to point to the 'F6' drivers for the ICH10R chipset when doing a clean install of Win8?

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          Does it tell you specifically what driver it wants? Drivers are located at:



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            The Win8 installer does not list any specific missing driver, it is just (what I think is) the generic "your system needs a driver that is missing" dialog; sorry, I didn't write down the specific message.


            I also tried pointing to the two folders mentioned above, as well as a couple of their sub-directories (from the Vista installation), but quickly received the error that no additional drivers were found.


            My plan at this point is to use an SSD for a new Win8 boot drive, then modify the installation to move the user files to the Raid array; this is pretty well documented in this link:

                 User Profiles - Relocate to another Partition or Disk


            Thanks for the reply, if I have any updates I'll add to this thread - but in the end, I could not seem to find a way to get the Win8 installer to use a new or pre-existing partition on the Raid5 array controlled by the ICH10R chipset.

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              Sorry, never mind - the issue was not with the Intel RAID drivers.


              After going through the process of installing a SSD for Win8, expecting that this would be a work-around to the missing driver message, I still could not proceed with the installation.  At that point I didn't know what driver was missing, but tried pointing to a few folders on my Win Vista drive, and sure enough what was missing was the SATA/Raid driver for the on-board Gigabyte chipset.  Once this was loaded I was able to proceed as expected.


              I guess the clue all along should have been the fact that I could already access the Intel RAID array in the installer tool when browsing for drivers.