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    problem with DX58SO desktop board when all memory slot is filled.


      Hello everyone.


      I need some help. I'm building a new computer using Intel's DX58SO motherboard, Intel Core i7-920 Processor, 8Gb memory using two(2) Kingston KHX12800D3K2/4G memory kit, 500Gb Western Digital harddrive, ASUS Radeon HD 4870 graphics card, Sony optiarc DVD+RW/-RW and Antec 650 watts power supply. My problem is, the motherboard won't boot if I fill all the memory slots. It just reboots and gives me this error message: "The System BIOS has detected unsuccessful POST attempts. Possible cause include recent changes to BIOS performance option or recent hardware changes. Press 'Y' to enter BIOS setup or press 'N' to cancel and atempt to boot with previous settings."

      If I just fill the 3 blue slots and leave the black slot empty, the motherboard does POST successfully and boots the windows operating system. The motherboard is designed to handle upto 16Gb memory, so 8Gb should not be a problem,right?

      Any ideas. Your help will really be appreciated.


      Thanks in advance.