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    Choosing the right motherboard set


      As the title reads I'm looking into upgrading my motherboard set, which based on my knowledge of computer hardware I would need a new board, processor, chipset and probably  a different type of ram. So my question is what effects the compatibility too other hardware in my computer. This is not urgent but based on how I have upgraded every part of these crappy desktop I started with I am actually noticing that there are issues in games as this is a gaming computer. Thanks for any input!


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 alright so this is the current motherboard and that desktop also has the same HD http://h10025.www1.hp.com/ewfrf/wc/document?cc=us&lc=en&docname=c01357135
 video card is gtx 550 ti
 powersupply 550w
 and right now im not thinking about rushing out and buying this I was just looking into the idea of getting a new MB package because this one is dated and is starting to show it in gaming


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 For some stupid reason the reply button is broken for me, so I didn't think the PC was that outdated! So even though the only parts of the PC I kept from the provided link were the MB and HD its still outdated? To a point where an new MB set would be worthless?
 Anyway Money is tight at this point and I cannot afford a brand new rig at this moment, especially with holidays coming up. So I guess as a final question is this PC even have possibility's to be upgraded? Because I hope you didn't just click the link and assumed that was my entire PC.
 Anyway I really am not able to have a budget for a new rig at this moment, I gaming with this card I don't run into many issues, just recently my computer has been running slow due to the older MB, processor, and limited ram capability due to the older processor. The GTX 550ti runs a lot of games fine. I run Borderlands 2 on high aside from a few minor options turned down. That's kind of a way to look at it although I have youtube'd  some people with this same card achieving much higher quality so I'm able to run current gen games no problem but some games more RAM intensive and general PC speed I have noticed to be lacking. I just found your statement to be kind of shocking that this PC is terrible for gaming when I'm running most current gen games at max. Hope this helps, oh and thanks for the input :)


      Message was edited by: Alexander Brad thanks for the info, the practically answers my question but im just going to stay in this discussion for a bit to see what could be done about this PC

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          Ziad Aghar

          Let me get this straight you want us to guess what the hardware in your PC, so we can see if it's compatible


          Come on man we need which hardware are you worried about. whats your budget, basically from what I understood you need a Whole new PC.


          Word of advice:

          Don't go for an intel motherboard.

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            alexor wrote:

            what effects the compatibility too other hardware in my computer.

            Whatever brand of motherboard you pick, be sure to read any documents they provide on tested compatible memory modules. Also visit the website of the memory manufacturer where they often have an online tool to select compatible memory modules. You might have to go back and forth between the motherboard and memory maker to narrow down and pick something that works. I only buy Corsair memory.

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              Ziad Aghar

              Man your PC is really outdated especially if you are a gamer. If you tell us about your budget maybe we can help with the specs of the new rig