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    raid 0 showing as failed: both drives are fine


      My intel onboard raid device is showing my raid 0 volume as failed, both drives pass all health checks from both SMART and Seagate's detail scan tool.  When I press CTRL+M to enter the raid configuration tool during start up it shows the following:

      raid0 : failed

      port 0: (boot SSD, this is expected)

      port 1: non-member (should be the other member)

      port 2: member disk


      Shown Here:



      If I open the Intel configuration tool in Windows, it shows my Raid0 is failed, containing just 1 of the 2 drives.  The second drive which SHOULD be part of the volume is just sitting there, healthy as can be.  When I hover over the raid tool it looks like the Intel Controller is looking for the serial number of my drive with a bad string on the affixed on the end (:0)


      Shown Here (wrong serial, well proper serial plus : 0 on the end)






      Here is the controller seeing the 'non member disk' that should be a member in perfect health with the proper serial number sans the :O on the end



      So I have both the drives, the controller knows about the array, it just thinks the one drive that should belong has a longer serial number... What can I do to recover this array and bring it out of failed mode.  Both disks passed deep scanning with multiple tools.


      This all happened after a BSOD on windows 7 following the machine coming out of sleep.


      Any tips on how to add the other drive back into member status of the array and bring the raid back would be valuable, I back these drives up to an off site storage, however I just dumped a bunch of gigs of videos from my cameras that had not finished backing up to offsite when it crashed, needless to say I always erase memory cards after dumping.  The reason I was using raid-0 (anti-raid) was because I used it mainly for video storage and editing and enjoyed the extra throughput.


      Thanks for reading.