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    G45 Dual Display


      Posted as a question for Chris


      Hoping for a little help...


      I puchased a Dell studio with the G45 chipset with Blu-Ray and HDMI/SPIDF in January and was able to ouput to my monitor and HDTV at the same time.  I had the monitor connected with the standard monitor output and the HDTV with the HDMI out.  I was then able to output to both displays while configuring my video source (Netflix download for example) and then switch to single out(HDTV) while watching the movie and then back to the monitor when the movie was over.  Things were pretty sweet.


      At some point I updated the drivers from what was provided by Dell's initial install (from Intel's site) and now I have lost the ability to do the dual display.  Now if I turn on my HDTV the monitor says "Frequency out of range" and the signal is not sent to my HDTV so I am stuck with no signal until I unplug the monitor cable from the back of the PC.  I just updated the driver again with the latest Intel driver but I am still unable to use the Dual Display.  Is there something that I can configure so that I don't have this issue?  It seems very buggy...and is certaintly very wife unfriendly.


      I appreciate any assistance!



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          Hi Chris,


          Sounds like the resolution or refresh rate settings got changed for your HDTV after the new driver was installed.


          Try these steps:


          1. Open up the Intel graphics driver's user interface.  For help on how to do this, see:  http://www.intel.com/support/graphics/sb/CS-022130.htm
          2. Select Display Settings tab.
          3. Adjust the resolution and/or refresh rate to ones supported by your HDTV.  You may need to check the HDTV's manual for what's supported.
          4. Click Apply or OK. 
          5. Check if you can switch to the HDTV display without the error.  You can do this from the driver UI's Display Devices tab.


          If that does not help, do you still see the problem if you're using the driver from Dell's web site for your system?  You may need to use the driver from Dell rather than Intel's generic one.  Some computer manufacturers customize the Intel driver so that it works well with their systems.



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            I have a similar problem on my Asus Essentio.  I am trying to use my TV as my primary display.  In order to get it setup I hooked up a computer monitor also.  I got the resolution set for my TV (720p@60) and I disabled the computer monitor in the graphics driver and everything looks good until I unplug the computer monitor and then I lose signal on the TV.  Even if the Monitor is turned off and unplugged I still cannot disconnect it from the Asus without lossing signal to the TV.

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              OK I installed the latest Bios (Ver. 1303)


              and I am running the latest graphics driver (


              No change, still cannot unplug the monitor without losing signal to the TV

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                Hi to all,


                I've the same problem with a intel DG45FC: i can see the video via hdmi out ONLY if a monitor is attached to DVI. This make me crazy! I've the latest driver, downloaded from Intel site, but i'm not able to find any workaround.....


                Any suggestion?