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    Need help on Intel Data Migration Software


      Hi all


      Need some help on this software. I know the data migration software is very easy to understand and straight forward software. But I'm having troubles migrating my windows to the new SSD I recently bought. Here is my scenario.


      My windows is currently running on a 1TB Seagate Hard disk. 1 partition for System Reserved, 1 partition for C drive with all OS data in it and 1 partition for D drive that contains all my random personal stuffs. My C drive is partitioned to 100GB in order to fit my 120GB SSD. I tried using the data migration software but it keeps prompting me the source disk contains more data than the target drive can fit in. I do not have any spare hard disk to backup my contents in D drive. So any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.



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          Over 50 views and not a single reply... What's the use of this support community when there's nobody to provide an answer? I can wait. So is my SSD, even if it becomes a white elephant inside my desktop.

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            Right.. Since there's nobody capable of helping, I decided to take actions on my own. I definitely can't use the Data Migration Software due to it's stubbornness that it can only clone the entire disk, I used EaseUS Partition Copy Home Edition to make a bootable thumbdrive and copy my System Reserved and the OS partition one by one, boot up Windows installation disc for it to run command prompt, rebuild my BCD, fix boot, fix mbr, restart my computer and there I have it.


            Conclusion, I solved my own problem. What's the use of this community if one has to resort to finding out own solutions the hard way?