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    Dz68db motherboard installation and compatibility



      I have this issue where I bought a dz68db motherboard and I stalled it correctly I think... I have ddr3 ram from g skill 4 gb and an intel celeron 2.5ghz CPU, with an EVGA GeForce 9500gt series graphics card... Power supply of 750 watts by ULTRA. I configured it all right I think and I turned it on for about 15 seconds and then shuts off... No BIOS, no nothing... Please help me and I don't know what I did wrong I I don't see anything when I turn the system on and when I tried to move the ram, and unplug the unnecessary components, the plug where the psi connects to the motherboard started to smoke up so I turned off the power immediately and unplugged it... Other than that, all looked good... The standby light was on and I am really confused