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    DQ77MK Hard drive (ATA) password on second drive possible?


      DQ77MK with 0053 BIOS (latest as of 13 Nov '12), AHCI mode.

      We have a need to use two drives with ATA passwords in some machines.

      The ATA password only appears to apply to the first SATA port.  It does not seem to set one for the second port.  If you try to be tricky and set passwords for two drives using SATA0 in turn, and then plug the second drive into SATA1 (second SATA), the board does not seem to unlock the second drive, just the first.


      Am I missing a process, or does the BIOS only support ATA passwords on the first SATA port?  If so, I would like to ask INTEL to consider adding ATA password support for two drives.


      Regards, jp