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    Long waiting time POST with DH61BE and SSD Intel series 330


      Hi, recently I've assembled two PC's with Intel DH61BE and two hard drives, a 60 GB Intel series 330 to host OS and a 500 GB WD Caviar Green to storage data.

      Both them take a long time to boot, even pressing F2, I have to wait more than 30 secs. In other PCs I've assembled SSDs like OCZ Vertex 3 and motherboards, as Intel DH77KC, with no issues at all. Besides, both PCs have i5-2320, so latest BIOS (46) only makes things worse.

      I keep on waiting a new BIOS update, but I'm afraid Intel is going to left us hanged... It's really disappointing to see number 1 CPU manufacturers, making these bungling.

      Thank you.